Debora Medici Guetta: Landed

at Speedy Gallery in Santa Monica, California, USA
14 November-18 December 2021

Presenting photography and artworks created since 2010, Debora Medici Guetta’s “Landed” specifically focuses on a collection of alchemical manifestations that represents the growth and maturation of the artist’s vision and technique. Moving beyond the still image, Medici Guetta reconstitutes her experience of a particular place, time, and feeling by weaving multiple photographic prints of her subject into a singular image-object.

Intersections by Debora Medici Guetta
woven collage of photographic prints. Courtesy of the artist and Speedy Gallery, Santa Monica.

Applied to photographs of some of the world’s great metropolitan centers, her cut-and-weave techniques craft a heightened sense of space, movement, and immediacy. When utilized on photographs of flora, the same technique turns classic horticultural portraits into monumental abstractions of angularity, color, and light. Reveling in both the chaos and peace of these manipulated moments, “Landed” sees Medici Guetta assert herself as a vital witness to the madness and beauty of contemporary life. Fragmentary and entangled, these works act as prismatic glimpses into what the artist has called “a big, long, introspective journey,” one in which capturing the moment is perhaps less important than releasing it from the page.